Top 10 Tweets of SXSW Day 3
Jordan LaMons

Top 10 Tweets of SXSW Day 3

​Networking, learning, connecting, deal making, and tail-chasing are all popular activities among SXSW Interactive attendees. But a tech event isn't truly technological without spawning some excellent Twitter fodder. Here's our top 10 list of funny, crazy, crude, and bizarre tweets we've seen over the last few days.

1.  @Julzie Someone's walking their kapibara around. It's a GIANT rodent. /via @AndySternberg 

Top 10 Tweets of SXSW Day 3
Andy Sternberg

2. @ThatDrew OH: "3 shots of wild turkey and my beard grew back."

3. @JoannPeach Um I just had a convo on Existentialism. "You're right, Thoreau was a straight dick."

4. @oontz_me OH in a room full of people trying to sleep in ATX: F*** Gowalla, another person is at the Driskill.

5. @jlamons Best sign I've seen so far:

Top 10 Tweets of SXSW Day 3
Jordan LaMons

6. @tamquach Men in dresses. Stay classy, Austin!

Top 10 Tweets of SXSW Day 3
TeeCue ​

7. @mceliceo OH: "oh this is cool...put it here and people will look at my chest. (a female)...

8. @justin_levinson I am legally married for the next 12 hours.

9. @brookebf Spent PM in N Austin burbs couch surfing w friends; Kids watermelon
shampoo is clashing w my patchouli organic hair gel

10. @chocov RT @BigRedinTejas: First sign that losing an hour is bad for you...Adding the word "rophied" to your phones dictionary.

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