Top 10 Prince Girls

Prince at Coachella in 2008
Prince at Coachella in 2008
Timothy Norris

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If, like ours, your childhood dream was to become (or date) a Prince Girl, you probably watched excitedly while Vanity shimmied in her lacy boudoir undergarments or Apollonia tugged on Prince's heart-strings during Purple Rain. The Artist was notorious for hooking up with scorching hot, musically inclined model-esque brunettes (with the exception of Kim Basinger) and making us all drool with desire (or jealousy). Curious to know who Prince deemed "the most beautiful girl in the world"? See who made our list of Top Ten Prince Girls.

10) Susanna Hoffs

Whether it was an urban legend concocted by savvy publicists or Prince was actually trying to squeeze his purple people eater into a Bangle, Prince's attempts to woo Susanna Hoffs with what would become a hit single for The Bangles would make any girl feel like she had an obligation to hit it.  Especially when "he tells me in his bedroom voice, 'C'mon, honey. Let's go make some noise.'"

9) Vanessa Marcil

The rumor that Prince wrote "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" for now ex-girlfriend, actress Vanessa Marcil, may not be true. He had so many beautiful, ethnically ambiguous babes around him, deciding who was the "most beautiful"probably was not remotely possible. But if the lady-killing artist asked Marcil to star in the music video of the same name, she must be something special. She even wore a Prince necklace while she was starring on General Hospital.

8) Mani

Manuela Testolini met Prince when she was working for one of his charitable foundations — after the era when Prince was using his musical love gun to shower girls with his "Purple Rain." After she wed Prince in a super secret Jehovah's Witness wedding, Mani called off her mysterious marriage with TAFKAP, and the pair got divorced in 2006.

So what is the charitable cherub doing post-Prince? Why, she's moved on from one potentially sex addicted musician to another — Eric Benet.

7) Nona Gaye

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The only daughter of soulful seducer Marvin Gaye, singer and actress Nona Gaye was apparently Prince's youthful bride-to-be. In what may have been the romantic delusions of a love-dumb teenager, Gaye has said that Prince told people he wanted to marry her and take care of her. Prince showed his love by inviting Gaye to one of his shows — where she got to witness the newly placed diamond on now ex-wife Mayte's finger.

6) Kim Basinger

Eighties blonde sex bomb Kim Basinger probably met her match in Prince Rogers Nelson — at least for the small amount of time they dated while she was playing Vicki Vale in Batman and he was writing the soundtrack songs. Allegedly, while Prince and Basinger were recording "Scandalous," they had an incident with a pot of honey on the mixing board, and most of Basinger's moans weren't acting.

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