Top 10 Hottest Emo Boys

Way, center

Photo courtesy of My Chemical RomanceWay, center

Oh, the allure of an emo guy, who promises self-awareness, deep sensitivity and an angry passion -- a trifecta that makes him irresistible. Sure, he might dress kind of sloppy, but that unkept, boyish man style is part of his charm.

Here are the ten hottest emo boys.

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Lacey, second from left

Photo courtesy of Brand NewLacey, second from left

10. Jesse Lacey

With his unkept beard and predilection for flannel and hoodies, Brand New's lead singer looks like that guy you went to high school with who was a star athlete but also a really sensitive honor roll student and close with his family. Lacey also helped write such romantic lyrics as, "Take me back to your bed/I love you so much that it hurts my head/I don't mind you under my skin, I'll let the bad parts in, the bad parts in." Notoriously private, Lacey most recently produced singer Kevin Devine's new double album and just wrapped a fall tour with Brand New. Sorry though, dude is married. -Katie Bain

Way, center

Photo courtesy of My Chemical RomanceWay, center

9. Gerard Way

The lead screamer of My Chemical Romance might wear more eyeliner than you, spend more time on his hair and just generally have more feelings, but with his smoky eyes, ever-changing hair color and theatrical performances, the feisty frontman and his sexy side bangs made every living, breathing, Hot Topic-wearing female circa 2005 wish her name was "Helena" (never mind that the song is actually about his dead grandmother). Sign us up for the Black Parade, am I right? -Kelsey Whipple

Baby Skrillex in the white

Photo courtesy of From First to LastBaby Skrillex in the white

8. Sonny Moore

Yes, we're talking about Skrillex. But before he was EDM's pied piper of dubstep, he was SoCal-bred Sonny Moore, the lead singer of From First to Last. The group's live performances found Moore sing-screaming so intensely that he had to have surgery on his vocal chords, twice, before leaving the group to pursue his solo career. With his trademark pale skin and sort of dirty looking long hair, Moore might not be classically handsome, but talent and approachability earn big points, and with Moore's reputation as one of the nicest dudes in the scene, it's no wonder that he's also said to be something of a ladies man. -Katie Bain

Tim Kasher

Photo courtesy of Saddle CreekTim Kasher

7. Tim Kasher

Thanks to leading roles in Cursive and The Good Life, a stint in Slowdown Virginia and close relationships with former labelmates like Conor Oberst, Tim Kasher has achieved a sort of Saddlecreek Records trifecta. But if you listen to the 39-year-old's two decades of material, particularly his 2010 solo album The Game of Monogamy, he never quite achieves the perfect relationship. This, alongside the bitter vitriol and clever turns of phrase that regularly accompany it, are the core of Kasher's charm. It doesn't hurt that he also tends to get really, really sweaty at live shows -- usually in the middle of those lucky folks in the front row. -Kelsey Whipple

Blake Schwarzenbach

Photo courtesy of JawbreakerBlake Schwarzenbach

6. Blake Schwarzenbach

Often referred to as one of the godfathers of emo, Jawbreaker's influential singer and guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach looks like the kind of guy who'd ignore you all night at a party, which would obviously only make you more interested in him, which was definitely his plan all along. With his tattoos and leathery skin Schwarzenbach has a sexy gutterpunk edge, but the man, now 46, also has a degree in literature from NYU and currently teaches English to undergrads in New York. Hot. -Katie Bain

Conor Oberst

Photo courtesy of Saddle CreekConor Oberst

5. Conor Oberst

Oh, Conor Oberst. Intellectualism and spiritual awarenesss combined with raw emotion and that trembling voice are rockstar kryptonite for the legions of bookish hipster chicks who have been turning out to see Bright Eyes since they were still considered emo. Although the band has gone more indie pop in the last decade, Oberst remains the pensive, wide-eyed troubadour, whose fragile look and impassioned ethos reminds you of the religious studies major you crushed on hard in college. Whether playing with Bright Eyes or his Mystic Valley Band, whether clean shaven or bearded, whether wearing a cardigan or not wearing a cardigan, Oberst is a thinking woman's sex symbol. He'll make you feel like the most interesting woman in the room, and there's nothing more attractive than that. -Katie Bain

Jared Leto, center

Photo courtesy of UniversalJared Leto, center

4. Jared Leto

Smoldering in the public eye since the early '90s, Jared Leto has grown from My So Called Life alterna-dreamboat Jordan Catalano to musical frontman with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. Now in its 10th year, the group (which also includes fellow Leto brother Shannon), has released four albums, and the sexy-ass billboards seen all around Los Angeles for the group's most recent release Love, Lust Faith and Dreams almost caused us to drive off the road on several occasions. Although the band's music toes the progressive metal line, Leto personifies the emo ethos, with his unkept look and sensitive guy persona. Also: those eyes. -Katie Bain

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Chris Carrabba

Photo courtesy of Dashboard ConfessionalChris Carrabba

3. Chris Carrabba

Dashboard Confessional's leading man is the type of guy you write in your journal about, and his songs created a similar intimacy between passionate fans and the studly frontman. With lines like, "'l'll be yours my dear / and I'll belong to you / if you'll just let me through," Carrabba's bleeding heart and alternative Superman good looks combined into one heavily tattooed package that could easily have inspired years of confessionals -- and not just the dashboard variety. -Kelsey Whipple

Jim Adkins, second from left

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Eat WorldJim Adkins, second from left

2. Jim Adkins

If Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins walked into the same dive bar, there's no telling which earnest rocker would get the token bespectacled girl's number first. But Adkins earns bonus points for bangs, dimples and a penchant for short-story style songwriting that lent itself easily to both the imagination and the band's quirky music videos. Do you remember the video for "The Middle?"

As you can see, it's the one in which a bunch of hot twenty-somethings bare their hot bodies and absolutely unremarkable undergarments while Jimmy Eat World serves as the house band? Can we be your date, Jim? -Kelsey Whipple

Bob Nanna, left

Photo courtesy of BraidBob Nanna, left

1. Bob Nanna

Before guyliner and screamo and whatever a "sk8rboi" is, there were emo bands like Braid and shouters like Bob Nanna. The fan-friendly, music-first singer/guitarist knows how to stay busy: When Braid isn't breaking up and getting back together, Nanna has been known to feature on side projects such as Hey Mercedes and the City on Film. But it's his work with Braid that has defined his career. Full of funky time signatures, sudden transitions and painful lyrical detail, Braid's earlier material, like the emo classic Frame & Canvas, found firm footing with fans, thanks in no small part to Nanna's bold vocals. His is a voice that could easily sing-scream you to sleep every night. -Kelsey Whipple

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