Today in WTF: Here's Your Chance to Win a Mold of Peaches' Teeth!

Peaches is shocking (again)
Peaches is shocking (again)
Timothy Norris

Ah, Peaches...

Today the Canadian-by-way-of-Berlin shock-dance diva (and Beta version of the Lady Gaga product) is releasing a new short film through YouTube.

Also, for some reason, she wants you to hype it on Twitter in exchange for a mold of her teeth.

From the press release:

Part short film, part vibrant live document, the oftentimes humorous, NSFW clip, depicts a day in the life of a masseuse being thrust into Peaches' surreal existence on the road. Today, fans will be able to take part in a "re-tweet" contest under the hash tag #PeachesShowStopper. Winners will receive limited edition gold necklaces whose charm is a mold of Peaches' own teeth. More information about the contest can be found at

Wanna see it?:

More about the film:

Peaches has released the short film for her song "Show Stopper" today via the brand new You Tube channel, Peaches TV ( ). Astonishingly, "Show Stopper" is the 11th, and second to last video clip from her critically acclaimed 2009 album I Feel Cream (XL). A film has been produced for every song featured on the album. "Show Stopper" was directed by Caroline Sascha Cogez, and stars Danish film actress Charlotte Munck.

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