Today in WTF: Courtney Love Dating Kurt Cobain Impersonator?

Our worthy colleagues at OC Weekly dug up some blurry phone pics that show Courtney Love canoodling (yup, canoodling) with hottie actor Michael Pitt (Funny Games, The Dreamers, and that one Love & Order about that sexy psycho teen).

What makes the canoodling a little odd is that Pitt played the lead in Gus Van Sant's Last Days, a movie, essentially, about Kurt Cobain's last days.

Though Van Sant deliberately did not use Cobain's name in his highly impressionistic version of the grunge star, Pitt played a Cobain-like character that looked and behaved exactly like Courtney Love's late husband.

Wanna see the pics?:

From OC Weekly:

Not-Kurt and Courtney
Not-Kurt and Courtney
Canoodling!: Michael Pitt and Courtney Love
Canoodling!: Michael Pitt and Courtney Love

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