Tim Heidecker's 10 Funniest Musical Moments

Tim Heidecker (right) with his musical partner-in-crime, Davin WoodEXPAND
Tim Heidecker (right) with his musical partner-in-crime, Davin Wood
Nick Weidner

This Wednesday, Sept. 9, innovative funnyman and multifaceted musician Tim Heidecker brings his melodic Heidecker-ness to the Troubadour. Even if you're familiar with Heidecker only through one of his Adult Swim programs with comedy partner Eric Wareheim, or his podcast work, or maybe even his cameos in films such as Bridesmaids and Let's Go to Prison, chances are you've encountered his often underrated musical talents. In honor of his upcoming show, let's take a look back at more than a decade of Heidecker to choose our 10 favorite musical moments.

10. Tim Heidecker, “Old Dogs”
The year was 2009, and the Disney film Old Dogs was steamrolling toward theaters on its way to being one of the worst-reviewed films of the year. Heidecker took it upon himself to compose a song inspired by the film that captured more or less what it did to anyone who actually paid to go see it.

9. Decker, “Our Values Are Under Attack”
This song showed up earlier this year on Heidecker's latest Adult Swim series, Decker. It's both a hilarious sendup of conservative politics and a fun poke at karaoke video culture. It's also outrageously catchy.

8. Casey and His Brother, “Right Way to Rock”
One of the earliest favorite characters created by Heidecker and his partner Eric Wareheim are Casey and His Brother, two boys who regularly perform on "Uncle Muscles Hour," a show-within-the-show on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job. The clip that captured a nation's heart early on was this Adult Swim bumper, before the two began to degenerate as only Tim and Eric characters can.

7. Tim & Eric, “I Wear My Dad’s Dirty Socks”
The "Kids Corner" section of Tim and Eric Awesome Show riffed on the light fun of children's music, often with gleefully disgusting elements. "I Wear My Dad's Dirty Socks" stands out because of the surprising poignancy of the lyrics, which sneakily comment on child neglect and infidelity through the eyes of a kid.

6. The Yellow River Boys, “Hot Piss”
In 2013, Heidecker released an album under the name Yellow River Boys that's all about urine. We promise you "Hot Piss" is the most infectious song you'll hear today about drinking piss.

5. Heidecker and Wood, “The Next Ten Years”
Heidecker has released several albums with composer and frequent collaborator Davin Wood, and the closing track on their most recent release, a duet with Aimee Mann, may be their best. Both genuinely heartfelt and hilariously syrupy at the same time, "The Next Ten Years" is easily the best classic-rock ballad made this decade.

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