The Prix

Photo by Andrea LabargeWHAT: Brit-styled yet distinctly American classic mod-rock. Name rhymes with “free.”SECRET WEAPONS: Gang vocals, hand claps, hooks, Hammond, Wurlitzer.ODE TO JOY: “It’s All in the Way That You Trip” (hear it on their Myspace page) is the most joyfully danceable rock & roll song we’ve heard in ages. THE SUPERGRASS IS GREENER: “We have a sunny outlook, but at the same time life sucks,” says co-leader Cashew Von Harding. “Life is very dark, and it creeps into our music. But we admit, we’re more on the Supergrass side of the fence.”GROSS!: The band cite Alice Cooper as a secret influence, which is apparent in the wry toss-off “Sweet Blood Volcano.”SO, WHO ARE THESE GUYS?: Guitarist Von Harding and keyboardist Blake Jordan share lead-vocal duties; Zacharias Ziegler plays bass and Stephen Mills drums. All are around 27.THEY LOVE L.A.: Von Harding (ex-Burgundy Jones) grew up on Wilton Place in the house that, later, his uncle would notoriously rent to the members of Jane’s Addiction. Jordan (ex-Sunstorm) is from the Valley. The two met five years ago but started writing together about two years ago.FUCKING COOL: They tracked down beloved cult artist Emmitt Rhodes at his garage studio in Hawthorne, and he produced their first demo. “We called him up to say we love you — we couldn’t stop listening to his music,” says Von Harding. “Having him suggest chord changes or harmonies totally rubbed off on us. There’s an underlying melancholy to his music, but mostly the melodies and chords are optimistic.”WE FEEL YOU: “We love X, the Doors, Jane’s Addiction. L.A. is so full of rock history,” muses Von Harding. “I’d do anything to be part of a scene like that now, and to see our friends get national recognition.”THEN AGAIN: When it comes to trend-jumping, “We have no clue. We dress the way we dress and have no idea if anybody’s gonna dig it.”

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