The Norwegian "Let It Be" Viral Video: Pretty Much Every Single Underemployed '80s Icon (and Tonya Harding!) in One Craptastic Auto-Tuned Disaster

You're a Norwegian TV team. You wanna go viral--real viral, global viral--with an ad for your upcoming TV series.

Problem is--you're in Norway. You're Norwegian. The closest you have to globally relevant pop-culture is a-Ha.

So, what do you do, producers of Gylne Tider (Golden Times)?

How about you cajole pretty much everyone involved in US pop culture in the '80s to sing (or at least appear to be singing) The Beatles' "Let It Be"?

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It doesn't matter how you do it (Married With Children's David Faustino thinks he was tricked into it at a red carpet event) you get EVERYONE, from Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer to the three bald dudes in Right Say Fred ("I'm Too Sexy" anyone?) to the fat dude from Cheers to Kathleen Turner, Huey Lewis, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Dee Snyder, Dolph Lundgren--ok, you get the idea. Oh, and Tonya Harding.

This is THE MOTHER OF ALL WHERE ARE THEY NOWs, including a touching cameo by Leslie Nielsen (apparently in Norway he's the star of The Man With the Naked Gun).

Without further ado, here's the monstrosity in all its nostalgic, ear-raping glory:

[UPDATE: the makers of the video have taken it off YouTube. Here's a mirror version, courtesy of Mediaite:]

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