The 10 Best Trump Parodies and Protest Songs

The man musicians love to hateEXPAND
The man musicians love to hate

We love to hate our politicians, but the surprisingly successful presidential run of one Donald J. Trump has incurred more outrage, on both sides of the political spectrum, than any campaign in a generation.

Trump's inflammatory rhetoric, especially when directed at Latinos, Muslims, women and really any group that isn't rich white dudes, has prompted hundreds of musicians and recording artists to condemn him in various ways. Of all the anti-Trump screeds and song parodies currently making the rounds, these 10 stand out as the best of the bunch.

10. Yung Blu, "Letter to Donald Trump"
For years, Donald Trump was actually a positive hip-hop trope, his name synonymous with money and success. But lately, a growing number of rappers has been speaking out against his racist rhetoric. Southern California Latino rapper Yung Blu is among them, going after the mogul with barbed lines like, "Mr. Trump, you shoulda never opened up your mouth/When you know 95 percent of your haters is black or brown." 

9. Richard Thompson, "Fergus Lang"
You don't have to be an American musician to hate Trump. When legendary British singer-songwriter-guitarist Richard Thompson introduced this new song a few months ago, he would only say, “It’s about a developer who likes to build golf courses in Scotland. I don’t want to use his name because he’d surely have me killed." Best verse: "Fergus Lang, he builds and builds, but small is his erection/Fergus has a fine head of hair, when the wind's in the right direction."

8. D.O.A., "Fucked Up Donald"
Veteran Canadian punk band D.O.A. wrote one of the great anti-Reagan screeds of the '80s, "Fucked Up Ronnie," which was a rework of an earlier, apolitical song called "Fucked Up Baby." So it's only fitting that they've revamped the song again as a vicious, fast-paced attack on The Donald. "When he cuts a deal, we'll all get scammed!" snarls lead vocalist Joey "Shithead" Keithley, over good old-fashioned raging hardcore. Every self-respecting left-wing punk band should work a cover of this into their sets for the next five months.

7. Becky G, "We Are Mexico"
Pop singer Becky G was one of several Mexican-American and Latino artists who released quick, angry responses to Trump's infamous speech suggesting that most Mexican immigrants are thieves and rapists. Over a simple but surging backdrop of chants and synths, the Inglewood-based artist paints a different picture of immigrant life, describing "Hard work, double time, overtime, two jobs/Working 'til our hands hurt/But we ain't never late to pay the bills."

6. Rocky Mountain Mike, "Mr. Tangerine Man"
Satirical singer-songwriter Rocky Mountain Mike is sort of like a more political version of "Weird Al" Yankovic, and he strikes comedy gold on this pitch-perfect spoof of the Dylan/Byrds classic "Mr. Tambourine Man." "Hey Mr. Tangerine Man, keep Muslims away from me/With my jingoistic worldview, I'll come following you." You can hear more of his smart song parodies on his recent album, Politically Incoherent.

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