10 Must-See Acts at This Weekend's Music Tastes Good Festival

Hailing from Rialto, Brainstory deliver a fresh spin on classic California psych-rock by adding lots of jazzy chord progressions and digressions into funk, soul and '70s-style fusion. Their self-titled EP released earlier this year is probably what Chicano Batman would sound like if they listened to less Art Laboe oldies and more Steely Dan and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis.

Big Freedia
New Orleans' Big Freedia is the queen of bounce, that infectious style of dance music that bestowed twerking upon the world. She's been a big draw on the club circuit for over a decade, where her wildly energetic shows have become the stuff of legend, and now that she has her own reality show on Fuse TV, Big Freedia Bounces Back, she's pulling major crowds on the festival circuit, as well. Come ready to twerk or invent your own ass-shaking dance moves.

Los Lobos
By now, East L.A.'s Los Lobos have nothing left to prove — they're simply the most lauded Chicano rock band of their generation, period. So they've earned the right to drink deep from the nostalgia well, which they'll do at MTG by performing their 1992 album Kiko in its entirety. Working with producer Mitchell Froom on Kiko, the band blew up their rootsy rock sound by adding layers of percussion and studio atmospherics, creating an instant classic whose echoes can be heard in everything from Lila Downs to Beck. This will be a rare chance to hear the quintet perform the album's intricate rhythms and moody lyrics, which touch on everything from homelessness to child abuse, in a live setting — typically, only two or three of Kiko's 16 tracks make it into a Los Lobos set these days.

Mike Milosh's silky, androgynous voice glides across Robin Hannibal's sparse yet soulful arrangements like fingertips brushing over bedsheets. Woman, the duo's debut album under the name Rhye, was one of the sexiest albums of 2013, or any year for that matter. They resurfaced recently with their first new music since then — a melodic, seductive slow-burner called "Please" and the uncharacteristically bright, upbeat "Summer Days," which got an even sunnier remix earlier this month from German producer Roosevelt. Hopefully they'll break out more new music this weekend.

It's been three years since Nikki Nack, the last album from Tune-Yards mastermind Merrill Garbus, but word is she's debuting new music on the brief fall run of shows that includes a stop at Music Tastes Good. Live, Garbus and her bassist-boyfriend, Nate Brenner, construct clattering, percussive tracks like "Water Fountain" and "Bizness" on the fly, using lots of looped drums and vocals to create Tune-Yards' quirky, Afro-pop-tinged sound. That will likely still be the formula at MTG — but if you've never seen them live, be prepared to be blow away by Garbus' powerful, soulful pipes on more melody-driven songs like "Wait for a Minute" and "Powa," the sexiest song ever built around a ukulele riff.

Music Tastes Good takes place Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 1 at Marina Green Park in Long Beach. Tickets and more info at mtglb.co.

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