SXSW: Day 3 Round About with Girls, Girls, Girls! Dancing Girls, Girls From L.A. and Girls Covered in Fake Blood

Le Butcherettes

photo by Wendy GilmartinLe Butcherettes

Hands down, on Friday the ladies ruled SXSW. Dancing, looking good, showing panties, spilling BBQ sauce, spilling fake blood and, oh yeah, rocking some really great tunes.

Teri Gender Bender in her bloody apron

photo by Wendy GilmartinTeri Gender Bender in her bloody apron

Mexico City's Le Butcherettes may be the hardest working band at the festival this year. They're practically playing daily SXSW gigs, and each time to a different set of stunned onlookers, usually with banging heads and bugged out eyes.

As cute as she is tough, Teri Gender Bender has consistently busted it out for over three years with her fast-n-tight band, normally reaching a boiling point on stage that is irresistible and exhausting to watch. Any band who rocks this hard and leaves the crowd looking this limp and sweaty - some even splattered with a little fake blood - deserves some sort of honorary prize.

youtuber credit: pjonesfwst

Speaking of ladies who shred, Alison Mosshart and the Kills slew the BBQ-chomping crowd at the sunshine-y SPIN Magazine day party, which, consequently, also had the most beautiful girls in attendance.

Babes at the SPIN party

photo by Wendy GilmartinBabes at the SPIN party

On the street, the outdoor stages mostly featured shlong rock on Friday night, and as is standard practice with the light shows spinning and guitars crunching, what better stage prop to have than a bitchin', smokin' dancing girl (possibly one with panties showing)? Local Austin shredders A Good Rogering had the dancing girls, in addition to long skinny beards, scary masks and creepy face paint.

A Good Rogering and stage prop in foreground

photo by Wendy GilmartinA Good Rogering and stage prop in foreground

Nite Jewel & Dam Funk

photo by Wendy GilmartinNite Jewel & Dam Funk

Less steamy, but definitely more substantial, L.A.'s Ramona Gonzalez and her a.k.a. act Nite Jewel played a casual, late set and brought a little smidge of Los Angeles along, ushering Hawthorne's own jammin' DJ Dam Funk of Stone's Throw records on stage with her. Bathed in pink light, Dam Funk busted out the keytar - and dang, he can play the shit out of the thing - for a duet with Gonzalez that got even the skinniest, sleepiest scenesters shaking their asses around the place.