Strange Boys Release New Video featuring Ex-Miko Miko Jenna Thornhill [MP3]

Is it okay to already call the Strange Boys' forthcoming full-length, Be Brave, one of the best rock & roll albums of 2010? Since we got an advance of it last month, it's been our driving-around-LA soundtrack, a loose, raw, classically designed garage rock album with the swagger of the Rolling Stones circa 1966. It comes out on the mighty mighty In the Red Records on February 22, and they've just released the first video, for the song "Be Brave."

Note the appearance of the band's new saxophone player, Jenna Thornhill, who you might recognize as a former member of Mika Miko.

After the jump, an MP3 from the new album.

The Strange Boys play the Echo on February 26. If you're a fan of rock & roll, of smart, wry, dry, witty lyrics and scrawny little dudes (and dudettes) doing the swagger walk, you'll love it.

You like that song?

Here it is:

Strange Boys - "Be Strong" [MP3]

via Scenestar


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