Space Cadets

"Space costume" apparently meant "intergalactic go-go dancer ensemble" to many cosmic revelers at the third annual YURI'S NIGHT, a worldwide party celebrating Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin's 1961 orbit of the Earth, held in the UFO-inspired ENCOUNTERS (formerly the Theme Building) at LAX. Latter-day Judy Jetsons did the moonwalk next to real live astrophysicists as JASON BENTLEY, FREDDY BE and MARS (the DJ, not the planet) laid down tracks late into the largely libation-free evening. But before the lights went down and the glow sticks came out (hey, ravers love space — it's totally plur!), JPL geologist MATT GOLOMBEK enthusiastically explained how his team chose the landing site for the next Mars Rover expedition: They searched for places with signs of water and an absence of really sharp rocks. Name tags were in Russian, which added to the galac-tastic night's vaguely cultish feel. Like the high priest of some Spaceology sect, laser-eyed scholar TAD DALEY preached the gospel of Man in Space to a congregation of the mostly converted — among them were Apollo 13 screenwriter AL REINERT and commercial-space-exploration entrepreneur WALT ANDERSON. Seems the night was Mission: Successful — much later in the evening, a fellow in head-to-toe silver was seen outside, staring wistfully at the stars: "We could be up there," he said, then glanced at his trench coat-clad friend. "You might have to change your outfit, though."



It was more original glamster than original gangster when author/performance artist/club door whore CLINT CATALYST, commemorating his birthday, and Jawbreaker writer/director DARREN STEIN, celebrating the completion of his new film, Put the Camera on Me, co-hosted a "Cholo Au-Go-Go" shindig at Stein's swanky Hollywood pad. Pretty whiteboys turned homeboy in black bandannas, wife-beaters and drawn-on teardrops as Snoop Dogg blared in the background, and scantily clad papis shook their groove thangs on podiums in the back yard — all of which had to be taken inside when the cops showed up. Fortunately, "Fuck the Police" wasn't on the decks. Indoors, the fiesta was jam-jumpin'-packed with the freaky stylee likes of Chili Pepper ANTHONY KIEDIS with designer gal pal YOHANNA LOGAN, fashionisto JARED GOLD, actor JOEL MICHAELY, event man extraordinaire BRYAN RABIN, filmdom's THAIRIN SMOTHERS, Imperial Teenager RODDY BOTTOM, ex-MTVer JESSE CAMP, singin' stud BARNES, club promoters JASON LAVITT and FATE FATAL, rock chicks COREY PARKS, LINDA PERRY and TAIRRE B., designer ADELE PEDERSON, Blest Boutique's CHRISTINA CAREY, gals-about-town THE CHANEL TWINS, HEATHER MARIE and GIDDLE PARTRIDGE, and DJ LIZ. Rough-ridin' gay rapper DEADLEE, sporting a "puto" tat and some big thug-a-tude, seemed to charm the hipster set even more than the go-go boys who gyrated on overturned tables in the living room. One bump-'n'-grind dude, who got teased for being too thin, responded by wagging his package and telling his interlocutors, "Yeah, but look how fat this is!" Later on, this made for one muy grande b-day gift for Mr. Catalyst. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.



Queens, princesses and just common folk flocked to A DIFFERENT LIGHT's book-signing event for Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks. Authors JEFFREY EPSTEIN and EDDIE SHAPIRO regaled the multitude of casually dressed with tales of cruise-y places in the Disney theme parks and Disney trivia before signing copies of the book. Wearing a T-shirt with the message "Evil," Epstein reminded us that all of our favorite Disney characters are malevolent queens. Hosting both the literary event and the after-party at Kachina Grill ("a gay Chili's," according to one reveler) was MOMMA, wearing heels with Disney's Alice-in-Wonderland trademark blue dress and white apron, looking at least 10 feet tall. Spotted at the after-party were actors SHANNON ELIZABETH, TOM LENK and PETER PAIGE, authors DENNIS HENSLEY, BOB SMITH and JEFFREY SOLOMON, The Real World's NORM KORPI and BETH ANTHONY, and film honcho NEIL MERON, executive producer of Chicago. Documentary filmmaker DAVID DAVIS kept his camera focused on the subject of his next film, Momma, who was holding court on the Kachina patio while providing commentary on some of the lesser-known aspects of Disney rides: Lap bars keep skirts from flying up in the air, but straddle bars, such as those on the Matterhorn's bobsleds, make it the Perviest Place on Earth for the up-skirt video set. Yet another reason to always wear clean underwear.


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