South of the 10: Sonic and Savory Flavors of Ethiopia at the Industry Cafe

This week West Coast Sound presents to you a series called "Authentic Alternatives: Heart and Soul South of the 10." Each day this week, we'll offer an offbeat venue that thrives with underground energy and treads the path not taken.

South of the 10: Sonic and Savory Flavors of Ethiopia at the Industry Cafe
Industry Cafe & Jazz

Ethiopia gets a bad wrap in the media. Images of poverty, warfare, and even pirates tend to dominate the airwaves. But behind this shroud of bad news, the real Ethiopia teems with rich musical and culinary traditions, even if for most Angelenos the Ethiopian experience ends at being stuck in traffic in Disneyified block of Little Ethiopia.

For the real sonic and savory flavors of Ethiopia, try traveling just south of the 10. The Industry Cafe in the Culver City arts district brings together slick jazz and delicious eats from East Africa, for no cover charge. The cafe presents eclectic styles including the haunting sounds of Ethiopian jazz, which garnered attention with acclaimed Ethiopiques series of classic sounds, and Jim Jarmusch's 2005 film Broken Flowers soundtrack, which showcased self-proclaimed Ethio-jazz founder Mulatu Astatke. It's an underground Addis Abba in L.A.

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