RuPaul's Drag Race 3 Shows Off New "Girls": Vanessa Williams, Adam Lambert & Fans Fill Up Rage In WeHo

RDR3 contestant Yara Sofia works it (and skirts it)

Lina LecaroRDR3 contestant Yara Sofia works it (and skirts it)

It may be all about illusion, but ironically, we find RuPaul's Drag Race to be one of the "realest" reality/competition shows on television. Behind the big wigs (and quips), inch-long lashes, and sequin slew, these dynamic drag performers have a lot to express and they don't hold back in life -or as we've seen on the show- in front of the camera.

The premiere party for season 3 of the popular World of Wonder-produced show brought one of the glitziest, glossiest gatherings ever to Rage nightclub Tuesday night (and for this homolicious hub that's saying something).

Below, enjoy a pic-packed report featuring some of the lovely lady boys vying to be this year's "Drag Superstar," plus some favorites from the past two seasons and -for you fervent Glambert fans- a new shot of your fave fella rocking some fringe.

Adam Lambert and famed Party Monster/World of Wonder Freak Show host James St. James

Thairin SmothersAdam Lambert and famed Party Monster/World of Wonder Freak Show host James St. James

After the red carpet portion of the evening, we went upstairs to the VIP lounge, where the royal cast watched the premiere on TV screens. (Other invitees watched the show downstairs). A warning not to post, tweet or "Fuck it Up" (one of the many classic catch-phrases from the show) before it airs this Monday flashed across the screen.

RDR3 contestant Manilla is a thrilla

Lina LecaroRDR3 contestant Manilla is a thrilla

The cast features two LA ladies (our girl Raja and a blonde babe named Venus D-Lite). Plus, there's a surprise in store that LA peeps will enjoy. The premiere features a holiday theme and challenge, and yes, the ladies get all orna-mental finding inventive ways to incorporate tinsel, lights, holly berries and even the Virgin Mary into their ensembles. It's a jolly good start to what looks like a riotous new season.

Ravishing "Raja" aka Sutan Amrull.

Lina LecaroRavishing "Raja" aka Sutan Amrull.

After the private screening, Rage was open to the public for its popular Dreamgirls drag revue, which, Tuesday featured all RDR alumns, busting out the moves like they were still "lip-synching for their lives" on the show. A line snaked around the block for the bash most of the night, and fans (male, female, gay and straight) lucky enough to get in were treated to pretty much complete access to all their favorite cross-dressers from the show.

Shannel shakes things up.

Lina LecaroShannel shakes things up.

Raven performs for a ravenous Rage crowd.

Lina LecaroRaven performs for a ravenous Rage crowd.

RuPaul's Drag Race 3 premieres on LOGO TV, Monday, Jan. 24. Will re-air on Vh1, Tues., Jan. 25.

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