Ropes, Booze, Sex, Wrestling (and Music) with Hunx & His Punx, La Sera at NOMAD Gallery

Ropes, Booze, Sex, Wrestling (and Music) with Hunx & His Punx, La Sera at NOMAD Gallery

boozy in Frogtown

Dudes with perms, Ziggy look-alikes, scensters jumping rope, surfers, hippies in long silk dresses, local vatos, black girls, queer kids, old guys, potheads, metal heads, art fags and moms and dads with kids in tow came out to get down and liquored-up in Frogtown Saturday night thanks to the gallons of margaritas and fight-watching (with Mexican Luchadores wrestling on the patio) - oh, and the three sweat-flinging sets of music where bitchin' too.

Bleached rock

photo by Wendy GilmartinBleached rock


photo by Wendy GilmartinBleached

The happily blasted crowd soaked up girl-band garage slop by Bleached (the new musical incarnation of ex-Mika Miko sisters Jennifer and Jessica Calvin) who started the night with loud riffs and dance party vibe that set a warm n fuzzy tone for all the booze buzz going down.

Stick em in the ass!

photo by Wendy GilmartinStick em in the ass!

Brawls between sparkly-booted and be-masked luchadores kept the crowd of misfit revelers occupied between sets with cranium banging antics. The biggest crowd pleasers of the wrestling set turned out to be the squawking, devilishly deranged Gallo squad. The duo busted onto the mat made up like roosters and whipped el culo with below the belt ball busting and dirty tricks - which prompted loads of wasted catcalls and cups thrown at them.

peace out to the roosters

photo by Wendy Gilmartinpeace out to the roosters

Katy Goodman, sans sombrero

photo by Wendy GilmartinKaty Goodman, sans sombrero

Back inside, La Sera hushed the place down with competent chops and their effortlessly blended goodtime-garage rock meets a.m. radio pop nostalgia. And even though she's a big Brooklyn music star now, front woman/bass player Katy Goodman got in on the evening's eastside theme with a touristy sombrero and then sweetly sent it off with an expertly executed version of Michael Nesmith's (made famous by Linda Ronstadt) "Different Drum."

The time for Hunx to show was close when - gasp - the bar ran out of beer right after La Sera's set (and as their fans in the crowd began to thin a bit, organizers scrambled). The Nomad crew saved the day by hightailing it to some liquor store and returning victoriously - almost St. Nick like - from a beer run en motorbike with a sidecar full of Tacate twelve packs. Triumphant cheers from the blasted crowd ensued. Halleluiah, Hunx could totally start his thing now.

Tacate run

photo by Wendy GilmartinTacate run

Hunx came out blazing with see-through tights and heaps of leopard print scarves and wraps, asking the crowd more than once, "Who wants some vodka?" and then quickly demanding "take your shirt off, Fucker" to some dude in the crowd. The Punx's fun, fast, flinging-sweat throttle instantly amped-up attendees into a bouncing, spazzed-out frenzy, only to be worked-up more when Hunx had a brilliant idea come to mind, "I'm gonna pee on you!"

Hunx on parade

photo by Wendy GilmartinHunx on parade

Hunx, on the ropes

photo by Wendy GilmartinHunx, on the ropes

Songs about teenage love, taking it up the ass and sucking cock like "Lover's Lane," and "Cruising" came off easy in flawless fits of raw-around-the-edges, heart aching pop compliments of Hunx's bangin' band - three stacked girls and a guy with penciled on mustaches and beaucoup bad attitude. They provided a solid bottom and backdrop as Hunx was grabbed, rubbed and tongued by both girls and guys in the crowd. Fortunately, the wresting ring stage served as a bouncy turn on for Hunx and his band, and with the ropes around the ring in play, the tools for a naughty night were utilized with full-on, probing intensity - Hunx style.

Hunx, getting some surfer boy tongue

photo by Wendy GilmartinHunx, getting some surfer boy tongue

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