Roger Waters Brings his Anti-Corporate Fable "The Wall" to the Staples Center, Slash Shows Up WITHOUT Top Hat!!!

Fascinating Fascism: Roger Waters at the Staples Center
Fascinating Fascism: Roger Waters at the Staples Center
Timothy Norris

[For more photos of this show see Timothy Norris' slideshow "Roger Waters Brings 'The Wall' to Staples Center".]

Roger Waters, Syd Barrett's former bass player, brought his anti-war, anti-corporate extravanza "The Wall Live" to the famously anti-war, anti-corporate Staples Center last night.

Fascist outfits, puppets, the inflatable pig, the anti-formal education children vocalists--you know, the works.

It might have been the kind of thing you'd like if you like that kind of thing.

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Oh, you know what? Slash went to see it! And HE DID NOT WEAR HIS TOP HAT!!!

Video of the most interesting sight at the show last night here:

(via Hollywood TV)

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