Shannon Cottrell

Rockin' at the SXSW Tweethouse: "I would sleep with him if I could"

After three solid hours of making the rounds at the TechSet party, we made our way to The Hollywood Reporter shindig at the Tweethouse, where we ran into all of our favorite little birdies. The inside of the event would have had somewhat of a dance club atmosphere if the majority of attendees hadn't been outside enjoying keg beer and catch up time with that nostalgic college freshman attitude that SXSW brings out in so many attendees.

The obligatory hugging it out took place every few seconds, and people began getting looser with their emotions. Overall, the Tweethouse party was a pleasant fun-filled gathering.  But most of us have graduated from college, and it's ok to act accordingly. We left after a short time there, before anybody busted out in keg stands.

Favorite OH of the party: "I would sleep with him if I could, so you should sleep with him since you can."
Tubefilter's Marc Hustvedt and KW Low
Tubefilter's Marc Hustvedt and KW Low
Erin Broadley

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