Rock & a Hard Place

The Ying Yang Twins Crunk it up at Hard Rock's SD party.

Understand that you will be like those whom you surround yourself with. Your environment is stronger than you are. That was the appropos “affirmation” we got on a strip of paper inside a corn tortilla at Marcus Kuiland-Nazario’s 13th annual Pop Tarts performance lab at Highways on Saturday. The Mexican food (for thought) was given out via a “Tacos de Truth” stand, but it seemed that the truth theme ran thru the two-night show as well, which featured touching skits from Velvet Hammer vixen Selene Luna and Mariel Carranza, a politically hued group of sketches from “Jewish-American Lesbian Folksinger” Phranc (who crooned a beautiful ballad to Condoleezza Rice) and NEA Four-man John Fleck doing a fabulous f(l)ag medley of patriotic ditties. Nazario and co-host Chloe Webb (of Sid and Nancy fame) introduced each act while wearing beauty-queen sashes that read “art slut” and “cult fave,” respectively — a reference to last week’s L.A. Weekly Pick. Also tarting it up both nights were electro duo Dirty Sanchez (via video) and in the flesh: former Pickmeup peeps Tawny Featherstone and Jerry McKenna, Derby Doll/Eyelashes member Dawn Maureen and Nightranger mentor Belissa Cohen. La Dee Da to ya!

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