Proximal Records Head Honcho Sahy Uhns Blazes at Low End Theory

Los Angeles' new label, Proximal Records may be a little too hot right now. Last week, during the release party of the label's debut effort Proximity One: Narrative of a City, a small fire broke out on the Echo's stage while Lawrence Grey was performing his set. The small blaze was reportedly caused by Lawrence's incendiary electrostorm, a lighting fixture malfunction, or possibly a firestarter, a twisted firestarter. Believe what you will.

Today Proximity One hits the streets, and tomorrow night, Proximal Records co-founder Sahy Uhns will turn up the heat at Low End Theory with valley wunderkind Baths and Daedelus. But don't worrry about another flare up, the damp air produced by a pack of head-nodding dudes in hoodies should keep the Airliner safe, and a little bit smelly.

After the jump we premiere Sahy Uhn's track from Proximity One: Narrative of a City.

Fire Music - Sahy Ahns by Drewtewksbury

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