PREMIERE: Learning Music Remix Lord Huron's Tropi-Folk Single 'Into the Sun' (Teen Daze Do Too)

Lord Huron hits the beach in his quest to get "Into the Sun."
Lord Huron hits the beach in his quest to get "Into the Sun."

The Hit City USA boys are on a roll. First, they introduced us to hooky garage punks the Franks. Then they delivered boy-girl bedroom pop heroes Superhumanoids. Now, they're onto Lord Huron, a Michigan-to-L.A. transplant who's been wowing with a beautiful blend of folk purtiness and tropical shimmer, plus a little chillwave glow for good measure.

Ben Schneider and his extremely tight band of sometimes lei-wearing Great Lakers are opening for Avi Buffalo tonight at the Echoplex. They're also celebrated the release of their vinyl debut, the "Into the Sun" 7-inch (on Hit City), down the block at Origami Vinyl on Sunday at 6 p.m., and on Monday night at The Tar Pit in West Hollywood.

Coincidentally (not really), that's what we're doing too -- celebrating the release -- with an exclusive debut of a remix of one of our new favorite local bands by one of our older local favorites, the inimitable, ever-morphing audio experiment, Learning Music.

MP3: Lord Huron - "Into the Sun (Learning Music Remix)"

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Our friends at Rollo & Grady premiered the Teen Daze remix of the same song, but you can listen to it here too thanks to the mayors of Hit City.

MP3: Lord Huron - "Into The Sun (Teen Daze Remix)"

So. Are you going to the show(s)?

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