Prediction: This Kid is Gonna Be The Coolest Music Star of 2017

This kid will rule us all
This kid will rule us all
Timothy Norris

We don't know who this kid is. We don't even known if he plays any music.

But you know what? He's gonna be the Coolest Music Star of 2017 (way above this year's darling and LA Weekly cover girl, Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino).

Wanna know why?

I mean, look at him: he's rocking that look at A 2010 GARY NUMAN CONCERT!

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Doesn't he give you hope about life? Look at his smile! Recession? Apocalyptic liars taking over congress? Who cares--Gary Numan's playing a weirdo concept album about asperger's sex from the '70s, you're rocking your baseball cap and backpack and your T-Shirt represents a dead guy from Queens (and his mates) who were way into the Shangri-Las and the Stooges. Life: it's gonna be ok.

For more great audience shots, and some great ones of Mighty Boosh co-star Gary Numan, see Timothy Norris' slideshow "Gary Numan, Motor @ El Rey Theatre".

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