Corgan photo by Patrick Demarchelier
Jewel photo by Andrew Southam

Pop-Star Poetry

Just about anyone

with a hit record can get a book of poetry published these days; witness the following snippets from various pop-star poetry volumes. (Jack White’s verse was taken from the stream-of-consciousness effluxion in the liner notes to Get Behind Me Satan

.) Yes, it’s a troubling trend, but consider the bright side: At least they didn’t try to turn them into songs.

1. I move like a worm/whose world/(words)/encompassed a mile/How do I rise above?/Where will this worm/find wings?

2. How can you say an embryo and fetus are nothing/you’re just making an excuse/because you know you’re killing something!

3. A twixt the twine and flowers divine/Devise the deign in this copper wane/Aghast the mask of ripping change/As I lie, aloft amongst the highest paid

4. Democracy is just a trick for capitalism to win/Get everyone involved/Not to acquire peace/But to get a piece/A piece of everything

5. What child who was innocent was pushed to the ground never to get up again?/where’s he/she at right now?/where’s a starbucks when you need one?

6. Shaking my freedom ass/Smiling my freedom smile/Praying on my freedom knees/Only to look up and find/Glass

Scroll down for the answers.





1. Jewel 2. T. Boz 3. Billy Corgan 4. Alicia Keys 5. Jack White 6. Jill Scott (By the way, we think lady Scott’s poetry book, The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours, is actually pretty darn good.)


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