Phish Parking Lot: Apparently There Were Drugs and Hippies at Coachella

You may recall that Phish performed a three-day freakout extravaganza at Coachella over Halloween. You may have even road-tripped. In fact, you maybe were there and can't remember anything at all about it, at least based on the mind-fuck that is the video team Brilliant Comrades' new Phish Parking Lot video. Recorded in the lots of Indio, CA, the clip captures all the tripped-out energy of a pre-Phish-concert in much the same way that the original Heavy Metal Parking Lot captured dumb-as-post Judas Priest fans a few decades earlier. Watch it here:

Brilliant Comrades is the same team who crafted the exquisite Jerkin' documentary that accompanied writer Jeff Weiss's We're Jerkin' story on the nascent hip hop movement.

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