Party Brazilian Style with Forro in the Dark Tonight @ The Mint (+ EXCLUSIVE MP3 download!)

The Mint, the legendary night club and undisputed home of the more melodic side of hip LA music, is hosting Brazil-by-way-of-NYC band Forro in the Dark tonight. Forro (or, to be more precise, forró) as the band explains, is "the hip-swiveling, dancefloor-filling, rural party music of Brazil's northeastern states." Fresh from a stint as Thom York's sideman, percussionist and FitD leader Mauro Rofosco will surely be changing gears for the Mint gig. "In Brazil, forró literally means party," says Rofosco. "It's a gathering, a good time. The objective is to make people dance."

To celebrate their appearance, the band has given us their infectious track "Caipirinha" (which will make you as giddy as its namesake drink) to share with you. This is an EXCLUSIVE MP3 for West Coast Sound readers:

Forro in the Dark's "Caipirinha" (from their album Light a Candle):



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