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Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster


Here's a snapshot of the supertalented Marissa Paternoster, who leads guitar-drum-bass trio Screaming Females, last summer at FYF Fest (she's the only female in the band, and she only occasionally screams). Witness her prowess on the guitar (and her badass, effortless rock attitude) Monday, Jan. 17, at The Echoplex. Screaming Females' albums are solid, but their live shows are where it's at. Memo to Bethany Cosentino: Look Marissa up. She could be a Jagger to your McCartney. Just sayin'.



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You know when you're listening to those rad compilations of '60s and '70s funk, ethiojazz, spiritual grooves, soulful head-nodders, etc., that are constantly coming out on boutique labels that cater to modern-day bohos and you say, "Man, I wish there were bands right now that sounded like that"? Guess what: There are, and the best example for our money is New York's "Afro-soul" (their term) instrumental combo Budos Band. They're returning West for an encore presentation of their latest groover on Daptone's The Budos Band III, bringing their tight, uplifting jams to El Rey on Friday, Jan. 14. So take those headphones off, turn off the iTunes and get out of Echo Park for a minute: Your band has arrived.



Mac Miller's not skipping school anymore, but that's only because he graduated last spring from Pittsburgh's Taylor Allderdice High to Rostrum Records, home to a fellow 'Burgh resident, the skyrocketing Wiz Khalifa. Majoring in mixtapes, Mac's final project, K.I.D.S. (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit), earned him honors in the form of a coveted record deal. His summertime anthem is "Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza," which he'll try to turn into a winter jam Friday, Jan. 14, at The Troubadour. If you're tired of the combination Pizza Hut–Taco Bell, here are Mac's suggestions for the gourmandizing young smoker when he or she gets stongry:

Mac Miller's Top 10 Snacks

1) pretzel chips and hummus

2) ice cream–cookie sandwich

3) any type of vegetables and dip

4) Kettle Corn

5) Hawaiian chips

6) Gushers

7) lunch meat

8) homemade chocolate chip cookies

9) weird-flavored ice cream

10) Grandma's apple pies



You could say Timmy Regisford has a good ear: Not only did he spot and sign a little duo known as Eric B. & Rakim, but he made music with Stevie Wonder and was head of A&R for a slew of the best record labels in the '80s and '90s (e.g., Atlantic, MCA, Motown). The Maestro's (that's what they call him) heart, though, belongs to dance music. If you lived in NYC in the gloriously gritty days of roving parties that played house music, you probably hit Regisford's Club Shelter. Seek out his signature soulful mix on MLK weekend, courtesy of DEEP-LA. This is a rare treat for fans of the real deal and it's bound to be packed, so RSVP and get there early, party people.

WHO: Timmy Regisford

WHEN: Jan. 16, 10 p.m. (RSVP)

WHERE: Vanguard

Remember the kids who always found the best hiding places during games of hide-and-seek? Eric Tucker, aka "Wiseacre," has been hiding his underground party The Lift in the industrial nooks and crannies of L.A. for a year now. The undisclosed after-hours party, though, throws its arms wide open if you ask nicely: When your RSVP e-mail returns, alerting you to the location, it also asks you to bring as many "fine folks" as you want. This week's their anniversary, so in addition to residents Jeremy Sole and Wiseacre, Karizma and Nickodemus are on deck. Ask around: It's worth it.

WHAT: The Lift

WHEN: Jan. 15

WHERE: TBA — mysterious!

Deke Dickerson's annual Guitar Geek Festival in Anaheim bills itself as "the best guitar festival in the world," and for once this might not be hyperbole. Real-gone guitar freaks come from all over the country (and the world) to nerd out over gear and skills and to marvel at the record collector's wet-dream legends that Deke plucks out of the nostalgia circuit. This year the headliners are Texan country "guit-steel" player Junior Brown, garage icons the Trashmen (of "Surfin' Bird" fame) and Skip Pitts, whose wah-wah you might recognize from the "Shaft" intro. But our choice would have to be the mighty Davie Allan & the Arrows, the King of the Fuzz Guitar, whose Blues Theme album you should be playing right now. (Because you own it, right? Right.) Davie can be as salty as his guitar tone, so be ready for a full-on biker-film experience. And leave your Link Wray T-shirt at home.


WHEN: Jan. 15, 3 p.m.

WHERE: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

* The Page Two team: Kristina Benson, Rebecca Haithcoat, Caroline Ryder, Gustavo Turner and Chris Ziegler

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