Odd Future's Syd and Matt Martian Form "The Internet." Hear Their First Song Here

Looks like a Brick Stowell

On Friday Tyler, the Creator unleashed his alter ego, Young Nigga, a funny Lil B soundalike who's into overpriced carbs.

But that wasn't all Odd Future had up its sleeve this weekend. At midnight last night another of the collective's subgroups called The Internet -- made up of Syd and one of our favorite producers, Matt Martian of the Super 3 -- released their first track, called "Love Song -1-2."

Gorgeous, and clocking in at a slim minute and thirty-three seconds, the song has an electro-soul vibe reminiscent of Quadron. Syd sounds like a close cousin of the Dutch duo's singer, Coco.

Download below.

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The only other song (to our knowledge) that features Syd, "Flashlight," is lightly Auto-Tuned, stripping her voice of its gentle warmth.

Syd in a leading role is especially surprising given her seeming reluctance so far to step into the spotlight; it even looks as if she's deleted her Twitter account.

Oh, and ever wonder why they say Syd got bitches? Here's your answer.

Download the song here.

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