Hanging with Mr. Leonard Cohen in Romania
Hanging with Mr. Leonard Cohen in Romania

Norm the Lego Stormtrooper Tours Globe with Crystal Method

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When Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method left for tour last May, his young son gave him two Star Wars Lego figures to keep him company. One went missing. The other, a small Stormtrooper named Norm, went on to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Norm Trooper at Buckingham PalaceEXPAND
Norm Trooper at Buckingham Palace
Scott Kirkland

To stay in touch with his son, Kirkland began snapping shots of Norm Trooper at soundcheck, trucks stops and in the bus with his iPhone.

"But the artistic side of me started to come out," says Kirkland. So he borrowed bandmate Ken Jordan's camera before eventually buying his own. By the end of the tour, Norm Trooper had partied with the crowd in Seoul, roamed around London and Amsterdam and even met Leonard Cohen in Bucharest.

Hanging with Mr. Leonard Cohen in RomaniaEXPAND
Hanging with Mr. Leonard Cohen in Romania

"Leonard Cohen happened to be playing a show in Bucharest at the same time we were there and he also happened to be staying in the same hotel," Kirkland explains. "We were in the lobby at the same time. I said, 'Mr. Cohen, my name is Scott and I told my son that I would take pictures with our Stormtrooper at different places around the world. It would be honor to take a picture with you.' He said, 'Yeah, sure.'"

For Kirkland, a Star Wars fan since childhood, his son and little Norm, "it's been an incredible adventure." The Crystal Method plays Avalon in Hollywood tonight. Perhaps Norm Trooper will make an appearance as well.

Kirkland shared his collection of photos from the road with us. You can also friend Norm Trooper on Facebook.

Norm in SeoulEXPAND
Norm in Seoul
Scott Kirkland
Checking out Stanton Warriors in AmsterdamEXPAND
Checking out Stanton Warriors in Amsterdam
Scott Kirkland
Partying with Deadmau5EXPAND
Partying with Deadmau5
Scott Kirkland
Backstage in Mexico CityEXPAND
Backstage in Mexico City
Scott Kirkland
Lights of AmsterdamEXPAND
Lights of Amsterdam
Scott Kirkland
Muddy in LeedsEXPAND
Muddy in Leeds
Scott Kirkland
Looking down on Orange Warsaw FestivalEXPAND
Looking down on Orange Warsaw Festival
Scott Kirkland
The People's Trooper in RomaniaEXPAND
The People's Trooper in Romania
Scott Kirkland


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