Nightranger: Who Needs Sunset Junction? Part II: Peaches, Tramps And Freaks


Lina LecaroSummertramp

So, yeah, Sunset Junction was canceled, but the parties went on anyway, and yesterday we told you about all of Saturday's action.

So how about Sunday? We noticed a decrease on Sunset Boulevard from the day before, but packs still gathered at Vacation Vinyl and Living Room as well as Origami Vinyl (we caught Dios there) and at The Echo.

So, where were all the gay gaggles -- always a prominent, gregarious contingent at the Street Fair -- gathering? Summertramp, it turns out, the popular parking lot party at Tony's Saloon downtown. Talk about a sweaty, slippery squeeze-fest: the Tramp's final 2011 bash saw a line around the block, and shirtless boy toys bouncing everywhere. It was a true celebration that had us nostalgic for the days of SJ's disco-driven dancing in the street meets.

In fact, it's hard to believe that the final installment of Andres Rigal's Summertramp is done. The outfits, the grind fits, the water slides, the smiles and splashes, the music mixes. Oh, and did we mention the outfits? Not sure we've ever seen Summer style done so creatively, not even in the SJ's heydey. Queens in Dayglo, twinks donning nothing but tats, gals in bikinis and heels, and freaks in...well, just take a look at Fade-Dra Phey in the above pic. (More to come in our slideshow.) Props to DJs Josh Peace and Aaron Elvis for stellar mixes later in the day, meshing electro and bootie bumper babes like Debbie Deb and Donna Summer. Fitting they ended summer with Summer, no?

Last Spalsh.

Lina LecaroLast Spalsh.

Speaking of freaks, Peaches' DJ Extravaganza (her alternative event after Sunset Junction was canceled) saw crazy get-ups galore, many that even rivaled those from earlier in the day. Though the title suggested a turntablist line-up, Peaches' presentation inside Hollywood retail and events space Freak City offered lots of live performances: bodacious bootie- beaters BLOK, sensually noisy duo (and former LA Weekly cover subjects) Tearist and dynamic dance diva Cherie Lily, who had hubby Andrew WK spinning and co-rapping behind her. Each offered vigorous, highly-physical sets, which is saying something because it was sweltering inside Freak City. DJ Vice Cooler kept things hot in between the live stuff too.

Cherie Lily and hubby Andrew WK party -and work it- hard.

Lina LecaroCherie Lily and hubby Andrew WK party -and work it- hard.

By the time Peaches herself took the stage -- after an exclusive impromptu photo shoot in F.C.'s graffiti-covered hallway with yours truly: see shot below! -- peeps were pumped. She served up electro-clashy faves and some of her own tracks as well, turning her deck duty into a semi-live set. Though it was reported she would be promoting her new stage production, Peaches Does Herself, a DJ show she's done in Berlin featuring lights, lazers and dancers, her set Sunday didn't feature too many bells or whistles. The charismatic performer rules when it comes to spectacle, but the truth is, she is one all by herself.

Peaches poses!

Lina LecaroPeaches poses!

Many more photos from all of the above in Nightranger Slideshow.