We overheard plenty o’ cellphoney hipster hissy fits outside Spaceland last week, as The Raveonettes’ three-night stand meant serious wait time for those without tix. Many stood in line beneath the June gloom during opening bands Gram Rabbit on Tuesday, and Nashville wunderkinds Be Your Own Pet and local vamps She Wants Revenge on Thursday — all just to sample the Raves’ Pretty in Black bites. (Wednesday night’s slated opener, Amusement Parks on Fire, canceled at the last minute due to one member’s “extreme illness.” [Possible germ warfare by The Arcade Fire? —ed.] He’s better now, and we hear APOF may even pop up with an unannounced gig soon.) Slipping through a cluster of smokers and door-hangers — including S’Lake rock gods Keith Morris and Steven McDonald — Nightranger caught Thursday’s set, which was captivating as always, especially during Elke Sommer–esque singer Sharin Foo’s version of “My Boyfriend’s Back.” (Though she shoulda sung the “hey-la, hey-la” parts instead of using a recorded track!) We hear partner Sune? Rose Wagner had his time to shine with a DJ set at the Beauty Bar’s Fucking Awesome later that eve — which, by the way, is ending its long Thursday run in a couple of weeks, with promises of more rock stars behind the decks as a goodbye gift. Fucking A. Due to extreme illness, we missed two major Eastside happenings over the weekend (Hang the DJs at the Echo, where we heard everybody moved their feet and felt united by a surprise Junior Senior set, and the “Paygoism” [say what?] party featuring Phantom Planet and their poised-for-O.C.-stardom school chums The Like downtown). [Are The Like the new Phantom Planet? Just wondering. Also, does anyone remember Like Cola? —ed.] But we did party hearty at the latter’s rehearsal space, Swinghouse (also practice home of The Donnas and Jerry Cantrell), where our pal Leslie Gardner of punk couture T-shirt company Smashing Grandpa celebrated her B-day with well-wishers, including Henry Rollins’ Harmony in My Head radio-show sidekick Heidi May, artist Louis Cannizzaro, Run Run Run’s Xander Smith and crooner Coyote Shivers. Coyote tells us he’ll soon be heard along with Gilby Clarke, Steve Jones and David Johansen on an upcoming New York Dolls tribute album and seen in a couple of indie flicks, including Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, about Hollywood/Silver Lake’s social swirl. Wonder if there’ll be any scenes outside Spaceland?

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