{mosimage}Forget about a galaxy far, far away: The Force is in Echo Park. Yeah, the recent slew of Star Wars–licensed products has been downright ridiculous (Darth Vader Cheetos? What next? Yoda hawking Viagra?). But the shiny stuff at Echo Park jewelry boutique Han Cholo rocks our world. The store’s a hub for first-Saturday-of-the-month block-party art events along with adjoining stores including deconstructo-diva clothiers Show Pony. (And if you think those shop names are good, they’re all located across the street from filling station Magic Gas.) Local artist Albert Reyes exhibited some intriguing “pop-culture regurgitations,” as he called ’em (his portrait of Ronald McDonald with two topless babes won raves) at Han Cholo, but we couldn’t stop eyeballin’ the badass bling, which included shiny gold and silver ghettoblaster and turntable pendants, and “chewy” and “cylon” rings, currently sported in a buncha mags by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg. Cholo, a.k.a. Brandon Schoolhouse, also throws a Saturday-night party at Los Feliz eatery Vida — now under new ownership, and the site of some raging new DJ nights all week. Though there was plenty happening in the E.P., the promise of a new club from Stephen Hauptheur of Radio fame lured us to Basque (formerly Deep) at Hollywood and Vine. Unfortunately, the spot was double-booked with the promoters of the Spider Club, which made for chaos at the door, and a bizarre cocktail of disparate crews inside: Hauptheur’s cute indie-rock contingent and mall-garbed weekend warriors — which (no big surprise) don’t mix, no matter how hard ya shake ’em. Still, shaking is exactly what we ended up doing when we headed across the street and caught Jurassic 5/Ozomatli scratcher Cut Chemist whipping Star Shoes into a funkin’ frenzy. The next day, a turntable terror of an entirely different sort, Peaches, packed The Standard Downtown at Steve Aoki and Frankie Chan’s afternoon pool party, Sunday Funday. The sex-beat queen, who also spun a less-publicized set at La Polla Loca (Jeppe from Junior Senior’s gayish Thursday grind at Little Pedro’s), opened her Standard set with “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” It was surely meant as homage to Bauhaus bassist David J, on the scene along with rockers Matt Sims and Justin Warfield; promoter Jason Swartz; and odd celeb buddies of the week: Pink and Wilmer Valderrama. Lotsa booty beats, disco and rock & roll followed, all of which pleased sunning scenesters and kept the tiny outdoor dance floor bouncing. Though she obviously has a follicle fixation (she even passed out a bunch of photocopied stickers of Phil Spector’s recent courtroom ’fro), Peaches looked smooth and sexy herself in white short-shorts and silver thigh-high boots. Guess the notoriously fuzzy femme finally discovered The Nair. We also bumped into Alexis Arquette, who was attempting to film scenes for a new reality series on A&E before Standard security abruptly stepped in. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: another reality show? This one does sound interesting, though: It’s gonna chronicle the actor’s soon-to-be-permanent transformation from he to she. That’s right, Arquette — who can currently be seen in The Lords of Dogtown — tells us the sex-change operation will happen, and everyone, including her famous family, is all for it. Oh, and the name they’re kicking around for the show? Alexis Are-Cut. Ouch!

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