Nicki Minaj Shakes Her Jelly for a Celly, The Kills Te-Kill-Ya

Darling Nicki sung for Samsung.

Lina LecaroDarling Nicki sung for Samsung.

Nicki Minaj for cell phones, The Kills for tequila ... it was another winning week on the Hollywood party circuit. If you read Nightranger posts regularly you know we rarely miss an opportunity to cover LA's money bags-backed promotional bashes. And who woudn't? It's as if the recession never happened at these haps: copious cocktail and food spreads, bodacious crowds, and best of all, the chance to see top music artists perform in intimate venues. Minaj, who also made an appearance at an America's Top Model event at Nokia, rocked the house at Milk Studios for Samsung's new 4G Infuse last week, while The Kills treated friends and DeLeon Tequila drinking tastemakers to a mini-set in the living room-ish lobby of Chateau Marmont last night.

Often, the product gets lost in the shuffle of these shamelessy hedonistic, sensory overloaded soirees, but the marketing minds behind these two made sure their products were part of the experience. At Milk, Samsung provided a graffiti wall where patrons could tag and rag virtually via the new phones touchpad, and there was an ice cream bar equipped with phones on which to create your own sundae. There was even an Angry Birds booth where you could play the wildly popular web game.

Minaj menagerie.

Lina LecaroMinaj menagerie.

Even with all the amusements, Minaj was the center of attention. She may not have been wearing one of her clownish, hip-hop club kid get-ups, but she proved she didn't really need the embellishments. Dressed in a blonde bob wig and cute little sweater set that showed off her insane proportions, Minaj tackled the stage and spewed hits from her debut Pink Friday. She's got really good backup dancers, but it was her singular cuteness and charismatic flow that kept the crowd (Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland included) enraptured. Having never seen her live before, we are now converted fans.

After twittering pictures of the rapper, we realized not everybody is, though. Apparently the beef between Minaj and Lil Kim was reignited on Friday, the 13th. Check out this video Kim's followers tweeted us.

DeLeon Tequila has been positioning itself as a rock n' roll spirit for some time (the bottle cap looks like ornate, biker-style jewelry) and it's had a presence at everything from rock photo exhibits to clothing store shindigs. Last night, the brand took it to a new level for its 2nd anniversary with The Kills, providing tequila bars and tastings and great rock DJ Elle D from NYC (in front of her, a cool guitar case giftset full of tequila was displayed).

Hair flies, riffs kill.

Lina lecaroHair flies, riffs kill.

Can't imagine a better venue to have seen visceral duo. The Chateau may be known for its celeb patrons, but its vintage atmosphere is seductive whoever happens to be hanging. It took on an almost goth feel, its church-like windows and candelabras surrounding the band as they offered their possessed music for attendees that included an odd assortment ranging from Marilyn Manson to Lindsay Lohan (apparently the ban from Chateau has been lifted now that she's clean). In the spirit of The Kills ever-messy tressed, tight, black garb, the crowd was refreshingly casual, with clusters of faded tees, vintage frocks, skinny jeans, shorts with tights (over this one already!), all glammed up by pricey designer bags and shoes. As Dolly Parton once said, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap."

VV vamps at the crowd.

Lina LecaroVV vamps at the crowd.

No surprise, this party gig was as rapid and raw as we hear The Kills' show at The Music Box was. Alison Mosshart has one of the best headbangin' howls in rock and Jamie Hince's guitar work is utterly hypnotic when you can take your eyes away from his bandmate (which is hard to do). The rhythms that drive the band's new release, Blood Pressures, are complex and infectious, but they never out-ravage the duo's contributions on stage or record.

Check out the free remix they released of the track Satellite on SoundCloud here.

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