New Music from Doc Hammer of The Venture Bros.

In an ongoing effort to keep our fellow music/animation geeks up-to-date on all things Venture, we thought you might like to know that Venture Bros. co-writer/voice of many characters Doc Hammer has some new music on the way. Hammer, formerly of the goth-friendly bands Requiem in White and Mors Syphilitica, currently fronts New York-based outfit Weep, who despite their strangely straightforward cover of Rihanna's hit "Shut up and Drive," reminds us of bands like Jesus & Mary Chain and Catherine Wheel.

New Music from Doc Hammer of The Venture Bros.
Shannon Cottrell

The band's latest track, "Ever Shy (Nov. Mix)" is available on Projekt Records new compilation, Under the Weight of Light. The twelve-track disc is part of the label's budget-conscious series of albums. It features music from labelhead Sam Rosenthal's group Black Tape for a Blue Girl, along with Unto Ashes, The Twilight Garden, Soriah and others.

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