New Boyz's "You're a Jerk" As Interpreted by Panamanians and Nigerians [MP3]

New Boyz go global
New Boyz go global
Jennie Warren

Well, the New Boyz "You're a Jerk" might be one of the biggest pop/rap tracks of 2009, but it's still making its way across the world and inspiring MCs and producers with its weird, minimal style. More evidence that the world is shrinking, and the sound of LA can leap across borders and oceans in an instant, can be found in the two MP3s below, which we were directed to via Ghetto Bassquake.

The first, from Panama, is "El Baile de Jerk" by Suku Castro ft Anubikiss:

Suku Castro - "El Baile de Jerk" [MP3]

The second arrives via Nigeria, home of Fela, by AK-48:

Suku Castro - "El Baile de Jerk" [MP3]

(We'd like to add that we love AK-48's name, presumably a riff on the submachine gun the AK-47. The AK-48 is, like Nigel Tufnel's guitar amp, "one louder" than its namesake.)

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