Mystery Dance Track Leaks: Early Reports It's LA's Armenian-American Princess Kim Kardashian Backed by The Neptunes Denied, Still Would Make Great Ad Music for the ShakeWeight

Shake Shake Shake
Shake Shake Shake

Billboard got egg on its proverbial, industry-fellating face this morning when it released a "leaked" dance track that purported to be a collaboration between Kim Kardashian and The Dream.

Then they had to backtrack, after everyone's favorite/least favorite (America: so split on the important issues!) AAP (Armenian-American Princess) Angelena denied it was her. Then Billboard claimed the backing track is by the Neptunes.

Whatever it is, it's called "Shake" (no Sam Cooke sampling, alas) and we think it would make a great soundtrack for a ShakeWeight commercial. Starring Kim Kardashian, of course, reprising her role in the video that make her famous but with a phallic automaton instead of the fleshly appendage attached to Brandy's much-less-famous brother.


Kim1 by grapejuicy

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