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Natural Yogurt Band

Tuck in With ...

[Now Again, available now]

Now Again is the branch of the Stones Throw family usually charged with resurrecting long-forgotten bands or seeking out world funk, plucking music from relative obscurity and shoving it into our collective consciousness so we are led to exclaim, "Wasn't everything before 1984 way more awesome than it was now?" The Natural Yogurt Band is a contemporary U.K. duo able to mimic the best of those Golden Years. The album combines the pizzazz of a porn soundtrack with some Asian modes and occasional Latin syncopation, like Piero Umiliani on acid.

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DJ Vadim Presents The Electric

Life Is Moving

[PID, March 22]

We've been wearing our dancing shoes most of the week, due in no small part to the jittery lead track on The Electric's first album, Toot Toot. Renowned Russian DJ Vadim knows how to order a playlist. The international trio — completed by Chicagoan rapper Pugs Atomz and U.K. singer Sabira Jade — works you up just enough before easing you back down with tracks like the gentle R&B two-step of "Overloaded." Interspersing funky soul with frenetic hip-hop–flavored electronic means you won't be leaving the dance floor all night, either.


Cornershop & the Double-O Groove Of

[Ample Play Records, March 15]

Man cannot live on bread alone. A steady diet of the same ol', same ol' had our ears bloated and bored, until Brit indie boppers Cornershop's new album arrived to shake things up. Literally — if you can sit through their funky, caffeinated blend of a mishmash of sampled loops, jangly sitars, spritely dhols and Bubbley (yes, that's her name) Kaur's bubble gum–happy vocals, check your pulse. Banish your inner sloth by dancing the minuet to "Double Decker Eyelashes" after catching "The 911 Curry's" disco fever. For good measure? Throw the Dougie in there.

La Lupe

Puro Teatro

[Fania, available now]

There are two kinds of people: people who know and revere La Lupe, and people who have never heard of her. Picture a Cuban sexual dynamo from the Bronx equally possessed by santería, heartbreak and lust (el diablo en el cuerpo) — a Latin Etta James with the raunchiness of Lil' Kim, and a way wilder streak than several Arethas and Celia Cruzes combined. Until this collection it was hard to find all the facets of La Lupe's career in one package. Indispensable.

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