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J*DaVeY: Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes

[Online, available now]

The Los Angeles duo of Miss Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau continue to burn through genres, causing a sultry steam the likes of which hasn't been seen since Prince's early days (see Meshell Ndegeocello's list, left). But proving they don't need a helping hand from the past, their cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the least interesting track on their latest EP. Whether toying with Suzanne Vega in "Quicksand" or reimagining new wave in "Lazy Daze," these two are creating the kind of music the futuristic-minded make love to.

DeVotchKa: 100 Lovers

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[Anti-, March 1] The Denver-based band's fifth album mixes organic instruments — horns, strings, drums — with reverb-heavy vocals and global rhythms, creating a more mature version of their previous boisterousness. Perhaps best known for their contributions to the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, the quartet hasn't completely abandoned its Eastern European roots, expanding them through Central American influences. The polka has been accented by bolero percussion and mariachi trumpets to create an expansive and eclectic sound.

LYKKE LI: Wounded Rhymes

[Atlantic, March 1] The latest from the indie-electro songstress is her most ambitious work to date, combining driving, industrial-sounding percussion with soaring Farfisa hooks, catchy vocal melodies and the occasional acoustic guitar. The result is an album that is simultaneously epic and intimate, organic in emotion and synthetic in execution. For fans of Peter Björn and John, Björk and The Knife.  

X: More Fun in the New World [Porterhouse Prime Vinyl, available now] Exene Cervenka and John Doe's X gained (and influenced) a considerable number of fans, especially in L.A. The songs in this 1983 album stand the test of time, delivering their trademark confrontational lyrics imagery ("I'm guilty of murder of innocent men, innocent women, innocent children, thousands of them! My planes, my guns, my money, my soldiers, my blood on my hands, it's all my fault!"). Even if you heard this record back when sadistic right-wing politicians were trying to wreck the country (ahem), it's time for a replay, on 180-gram vinyl. Reissues of Wild Gift and Under the Big Black Sun also available now.

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