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[Stones Throw, Jan. 18]

In 2009, Madlib announced that he was launching a monthly series called "The Medicine Show." While even numbers would be mixtapes of funk soul, jazz and Brazilian grooves (from the Beat Konducta's own stash), odd numbers would be his own takes on different genres. True to form, No. 11 features 28 hip-hop tracks with guest appearances from Guilty Simpson and MED, and even a track from Mad and Dilla's unfinished second album. The limited-edition vinyl contains 14 bonus tracks and is nestled in a sleeve hand-screened by Hit+Run. Beatstrumental music with an inspiring, understated elegance.

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[All City Records, out now]

Dublin label All City's LA 10X series has chronicled the beat scene in our fair city with releases by Ras G, Teebs, DâM-FunK and others. The latest is a split 10-inch by Mike Gao and Tokimonsta, the first (and only) lady on the Brainfeeder imprint. Toki has outdone herself with her contribution, offering tracks that showcase her range as a producer and beatmaker, such as "Last Night's Blurry Memories" (snaps and ethereal chords over a laid-back bass pattern shifting into a Herbie Hancock–meets–8-bit inspired funk melody) and "Park Walks" (slamming, bass-heavy head-nodder that exploded on Soundcloud). Get also her Cosmic Intoxication EP — hopefully, 2011 will see her getting the acclaim she deserves.



[4AD, Jan. 17]

Limited vinyl pressing of this 2004 compilation. The "proper" Pixies' greatest hits (after the eccentric Death to the Pixies anthology, with a cover last seen on a Ke$ha beach T-shirt — Google it!) gets the royal treatment with a double LP pressed on orange vinyl. The track listing is chronological, featuring B-sides "Into the White" and "Winterlong" and favorites from Come on Pilgrim, Bossa Nova and Surfer Rosa. Though "All Over the World" or Bowie fave "Cactus" might have been better choices than "Monkey Gone to Heaven," most of the band's big moments are included. A neat artifact for all crustaceans, though we still don't know who the fuck is Mariana.



[Holy Mountain, available again]

Thanks to the gods of weird, the vinyl version of this surprising transmission from planet Rallizes Dénudés is once again available at Amoeba. This originally came out in Japan in 2008 and features members from the legendary and mysterious Japanese heavy psych group from the '70s, plus some French associates. It's murky as a "mud cloud" (the band's name) in the right places, but also as dignified and righteous as Number Three yakuza in Branded to Kill. John Lydon and Mick Jones might learn something from this.

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