Music Nerd Gadget Alert: Mr. SiMo's BoomCase Vintage Suitcase Stereo System

If you're equal parts design nerd and audiophile, I've found the perfect gift for your Christmas list: the Boom Case, a creation from a Mr. SiMo that synthesizes quality design and geeky music technology.

SiMo repurposes vintage suitcases, transforming them into unique portable speakers for your iPhone/Ipod or any device with a headphone plug. SiMo is by no means the first person to make suitcase stereos - these have been around for decades -- but SiMo's tweaked the technology to make them sound better and more convenient. His are battery powered, working up to 8 hours on a single charge, but can also be plugged in if portability isn't your main concern.

Each suitcase stereo system is custom made, built with wood and leather to produce the best sound, with options including Ipod/USB charger, extra batteries, custom paint, and more. Prices start at $300. Email SiMo to purchase.

BoomCase sustom suitcase sound system
BoomCase sustom suitcase sound system
Mr. SiMo's BoomCases
Mr. SiMo's BoomCases

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