Little Jeans Wilder
Little Jeans Wilder

MP3 Exclusive: "Sea You" by Jeans Wilder

San Diego's Jeans Wilder is a man after our own heart. His music falls neatly within the "chillwave" trend, but there's something timeless about songs that sound like they emerged from the surf, and Wilder's got those in spades.

We'd tell you to look no further than his Atelier Ciseaux Records split with Eagle Rock's also beachy-keen Best Coast, but unless you've got a benjamin to drop, you're fresh outta luck.

Thankfully, we've got a deliciously hazy track for you -- the unreleased "Sea You." An earlier version popped up on Wilder's MySpace earlier in the year, but this is the song's final mix and West Coast Sound is its final destination.

(Until, of course, it's downloaded, rehosted and shared willy-nilly all over the net.)

Says Wilder: "I recorded this song in my room, by myself, over the course of a two or three day cocaine and OxyContin binge at the beginning of the year."

"The drugs put me on a different playing field," he continues. "Everything felt really natural and organic. It was actually a very nice experience."

WCS and Jeans Wilder hope you have a very nice experience too.

DOWNLOAD: Jeans Wilder - "Sea You" [MP3]


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