MP3 Exclusive(s): Two Flavors of Aural Insanity from Captain Ahab

Ahab does a body good.
Ahab does a body good.

With songs like "Snakes on the Brain" and "I Can't Believe It's Not Booty," local bizarro rap-techno-noise duo Captain Ahab can easily be taken for some some of novelty act -- a spoof on whiteness or pop culture or, well, everything.

But witness an entire set from Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson, and confusion sets in: they really seem to mean it, even when "it" seems to mean wearing speedos and mock-fellating one another.

Is it the end of irony, as the title of their third album, due out April 6 on Deathbomb Arc, literally implies? Decide for yourself via these two exclusive remixed tracks from the Cap'n. And make sure you check out the completely batshit, probably NSFW cover art, also after the jump.

The originals appear on The End Of Irony and though they sound pretty wild on record, these breakcore edits are epically insane.

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The first comes courtesy of a fella called FUKNO and sounds, in short, like the worst ecstasy trip ever -- a lo-bit drum 'n' bass traffic jam featuring a crowd shouting "Crucify him!" as things get more and more intense. Chopped, screwed and screwed again.

Whoa. Umbilical trouser snake?
Whoa. Umbilical trouser snake?

Foot Village's Anti-Magic, released late last summer. See (a lot) more of the band here.

Double whoa.
Double whoa.

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