Michael Jackson's Neverland Auction: An LSD Trip Without the LSD

Michael Jackson welcomed us.

Randall RobertsMichael Jackson welcomed us.

Holy holy holy. Just got back from the press preview of the Julien's Auctions' impending Michael Jackson auction, which features hundreds of items from the King of Pop's collection. It is without a doubt the most surreal and disturbing and tragic and thrilling collection of Americana memorabilia you will ever see. You SO have to go see this thing. And then you have to bid on it.

It's overwhelming. Don't know where to begin. Photos:


Randall RobertsWRONG.

It's like if Henry Darger had millions of dollars, he would have become something like Michael Jackson.

Welcome to Neverland

Randall RobertsWelcome to Neverland

Thousands of items, each room more surreal than the next.

Your children may have nightmares similar to this one.

Randall RobertsYour children may have nightmares similar to this one.

The auction is open to the public for the rest of the week. Seriously. You gotta go.

Here's a slide show of the VIPs who were in attendance.