Michael Jackson's Memorial Participants Announced: Kobe, Mariah, Stevie, Berry G., Brooke, John Mayer (?!), Jennifer Hudson, Magic, Rev. Al, Usher, More.

Okay, this is an odd list. Is this not an odd list? Most specifically, John Mayer. Right? That's a left-field pick. Is he not the Leonard Zelig of our time? And Shaheen Jafargholi? Hmm. The rest is fascinating and spot-on. The participants for Michael Jackson's memorial tomorrow have been announced, one that WEST COAST SOUND HAS A TICKET TO! (Sorry, but that's scream-worthy, isn't it?) Yes, that is correct: We're inside the Staples Center tomorrow, and will be tweeting when it's not considered vulgar to do so.

Announcement after the jump:

LOS ANGELES, CA - The Jackson family today announced the participants for the Michael Jackson memorial on Tuesday, July 7th, at the Staples Center:

Ron Boyd (family friend); Kobe Bryant; Mariah Carey; Andrae Crouch Choir; Berry Gordy; Jennifer Hudson; Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on Britain's Got Talent); Magic Johnson; Martin Luther King III; Bernice A. King; John Mayer; Lionel Richie; Smokey Robinson; Rev. Al Sharpton; Brooke Shields; Pastor Lucious Smith (family friend); Usher; and Stevie Wonder.

This list is preliminary and subject to change. There will be no further information regarding the program.

Leonard Zelig's 21st century counterpart: John Mayer?
Leonard Zelig's 21st century counterpart: John Mayer?

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