Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets -- This One is the Closest You'll Ever Get

More than 1 million people tried to get tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial at Staples Center this morning, and the ticket scalpers promptly descended. We feel just terrible that we here at L.A. Weekly managed to grab an extra one just by promptly calling -- and not even using our press contacts, wh

ile our good friends at Fishbowl LA got the cold shoulder.

Here's what one of these rare tickets looks like (and note the glittery security wrist band worn by our lucky copy edit staffer, who is attending today):

This shot of our recent cover, overlaid with said ticket, is the closest most folks will ever get to this sought-after ticket. But there are still ways for the busloads of people who are expected to jam local hotels to get inside -- if they're willing to pay the right price.

Note: West Coast Sound will be tweeting @laweeklymusic starting at frickin' 8 a.m.

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