Metal and Mexican Wrestling Meet at the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash

El Brujo's Gore-Chestra whips up the crowd at the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash.EXPAND
El Brujo's Gore-Chestra whips up the crowd at the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash.
Björn Jansen Photography/©The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash

There’s no denying that L.A. has strong metal and hard-rock scenes. The city is also a hot center for lucha libre wrestling events, including the popular Lucha VaVoom series, which mixes Mexican wrestling with burlesque and comedy. But for the first time L.A. will be presented with an event that combines the raw, aggressive and loud sounds of a hard-rock concert with the action-packed fights of a lucha libre wrestling match.

Get ready for the North American debut of the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash, at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A. on Sunday, March 27. The show has been happening in Germany and parts of Europe since 2003, but this will be its first appearance in the United States. With a blend of heavy-metal music, the shock-value antics of lucha libre, striptease and some improv-style comedy, you’ve got the perfect recipe for one hell of a wild, hedonistic evening.

Carlos Martinez, creator and organizer of the Wrestling Bash, says he has been trying for years to bring the show to the United States. “It has taken such a long time to bring this event overseas because of production costs, which are very high,” Martinez says. “We have been playing in Germany for now over 10 years; it’s our main market. But the tour has also played in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria and Belgium.”

Martinez says that after going over many offers by promoters in various cities, he decided to debut his event in Los Angeles. “We did have offers from many other cities in North America, but Los Angeles was the only one who wanted to pay for the production. The promoter was blown away and went above and beyond to make this happen.

"I’ve spent as much time in L.A. as I have in Germany," Martinez continues. "I love the city, we have so much Mexican culture too, and the lucha libre pride is heavy and people love hard-rock music and metal, so this makes perfect sense for us to do this here for the first time, in this city."

Wrestlers spar at the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash.EXPAND
Wrestlers spar at the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash.
Björn Jansen Photography/©The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash

Martinez says fans can expect a circus atmosphere, with an MC and a full cast of characters including fighters, wrestlers and comedians, as well as live music from El Brujo’s Gore-Chestra. The show has a full interactive storyline. “The only person who comes over from Germany is the main character the story revolves around, El Brujo," not to be confused with the vocalist from Mexican-American extreme-metal band Brujeria, Martinez explains. Other performers were cast in L.A.

El Brujo, Martinez says, is a combination "voodoo priest" and "wrestler from outer space," and his band, the Gore-Chestra, are his slaves. "Over time he became lazy and sent his slaves into the ring to fight for him," Martinez says. He describes the show's music as "blues-rock, hard, shock rock and heavy metal. Imagine AC/DC meets Alice Cooper and GWAR at a Megadeth show."

Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash creator Carlos MartinezEXPAND
Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash creator Carlos Martinez
Björn Jansen Photography/©The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash

Special guests will include legendary thrash-metal guitarist Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer, along with a few surprises. “We cannot announce it yet, but we also have some secret, huge, surprise special guests," Martinez promises.

"This show will be very crowd interactive, and people will be close to the ring and band the whole time. It’s standing room, and I just think people will love the presentation.” 

The Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash will be at the Regent Theater on Sunday, March 27. Tickets and more info.

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