Live at SXSW: Datarock Funks Austin Up

photo by Siran Babayan

What: Datarock

Where: The Parish, Austin, TX

When: March 17

Who knew music this shit-hot could come from a cold and rainy city like Bergen, Norway? Datarock's electro-rock feels like a DeLorean ride through '80s funk and new wave. And after two SXSW appearances, the band returned to get the hipster kids dancing yet again -- they could use the rhythm and exercise.


photo by Siran Babayan

Dressed in their trademark red jogging suits and Porsche shades, singer Fredrik Saroea and keyboardist Kjetil Moster (along with a bassist and tatted-out drummer) kicked off with a few tracks from their last album, 2009's Red, including "Give It Up" and "True Stories," which is almost entirely comprised of Talking Heads song titles. With his early-'80s Prince hair and male stripper profile, Saroea has a sexy, baby-making voice that can get a girl all tingly down their, especially on what seemed like the never-ending version of "Fa-Fa-Fa," Datarock's first single and the kind of song you'd jazzercise to.

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YouTube credit DatarockOfficial

The band also introduced a new song, "The Catcher in the Rye," calling it "the most extragavant single in history," which is part of an upcoming, five-song EP available on a USB drive that also includes 105 (!) bonus tracks, 1500 (!!) photos, 20 music videos and concert footage. Finally, a way to get down and get funky to a classic American novel.

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