Last Night: Sam Bradley Takes Over Hotel Cafe, Draws the Paparazzi (and, of course, Twilight Fans)

Sam Bradley outside of Hotel Cafe

Liz OhanesianSam Bradley outside of Hotel Cafe

Sam Bradley's only album is a six-song EP that he recorded four years and has no plans to reprint, despite selling the last copy for $5 at the Hotel Cafe last night. His MySpace page features demos of songs that probably won't be released until later this year. He doesn't perform on the song for which he is best known. Yet, Bradley sold out two consecutive nights at LA singer-songwriter venue Hotel Cafe, the first of which featured a surprise appearance by members of the paparazzi.

Sam Bradley Chats with Fans

Liz OhanesianSam Bradley Chats with Fans

"I just wrote a song with my friend Rob," says the Vancouver-based musician with the big, British soul voice. "We were just jamming. We were just writing and having a few beers and out of it came a song."

Bradley's friend Rob is Robert Pattinson and the song that they wrote together is "Never Think," which was featured on the Twilight soundtrack. And there is something funny that happens when you are associated with Twilight. You get serious fans.

"I think it's quite extraordinary how much the audience has expanded from being a co-writer," says Bradley. "People have to really do their research and read the fine print to find out who co-wrote the song. I haven't done that. I don't know about other people. I think that's quite amazing."

This Land of Dreamer traveled from Kentucky for the show.

Liz OhanesianThis Land of Dreamer traveled from Kentucky for the show.

Count the Land of Dreamers in on the group of people who pay attention to liner notes. LOD began as an Internet community centered around Live Journal that celebrates the work of Bradley and friends Bobby Long and Marcus Foster (the latter two wrote "Let Me Sign" for Twilight). Soon, the group turned into a street team for the three artists. Now, as Bradley finishes mixing his forthcoming album, LOD is taking to concerts, MySpace and Twitter to spread the message.

Last night, fifteen LOD members convened at the front of the stage, wearing VIP badges and holding flyers that they would distribute after the show. I spoke with several women involved and was told that, while they were all introduced to the musicians through Twilight, the LOD has morphed into its own entity. They are volunteers who are not associated with the artists' management teams. They do, however, have a good relationship with their favored musicians. Bradley is know to send LOD exclusive videos and news tips. He knows them by name too, which he includes in dedications during his performance. When his mother, singer-songwriter Lee Lindsey appeared on stage, she thanked a few LOD girls for flying to Canada to see them play.

But there was far more than just the street team at the show. The packed crowd inside Hotel Cafe was overwhelmingly female, varying in age and walks of life. Several people drove from San Diego for the event, while others flew across the country. They laughed loudly at the jokes Bradley cracked between every song. They sang, or at least mouthed lyrics, to the majority of the set, and screamed at every possible opportunity.

Land of Dreamers VIP badge

Liz OhanesianLand of Dreamers VIP badge

Once the show was over, they rushed towards the merch booth and waited patiently for Bradley to sign their new goods, which he did gleefully.

Bradley's show at Hotel Cafe tonight is sold out, but a third show has been added for Friday, May 29. Tickets for Friday's gig will only be sold at the door. He is also playing June 5 at the Whisky a Go Go .