L.A. Weekly Music Awards 2000

Photo by Charlie Gross

Yes, friends, once more the time has come for les critics musiques to put their pointy heads together, to jab fingers, hurl invective, get all damp and bug-eyed, pompously proclaim and proudly pontificate pretentiously on who and what, indeed, are the greatest things on the L.A. music scene.

We know, we know, awards shows are a dime a dozen, they’re super way cheesy, and they don’t prove a dang thing except what a deluded herd of self-important twerps all music critics are. Fine and dandy. Hey, don’t get us started — we know everyone hates critics, we know no one loves us, least of all ourselves . . . Waaahhh!

Anyway, that’s what we’re here for: to bring us all together, for better or worse. With that in mind, the Weekly polled 25 writers on the best of L.A.’s musical best. Again, most of our nominees create sounds that straddle several borders, so categorizing them proved to be among the chief difficulties; you can take their inclusion in this or that stylistic division as a pretty rough demarcation, with plenty of spillage into other zones of endeavor. We recognize that we’re honoring a mere small sliver of L.A.’s fertile musical tree, thus our choices reflect such factors as the artists’ length of service, their potential for future greatness, depth of concept, skill in execution, cultural relevance or just pure entertainment value. Our only criterion was that the artist lives and/or works in or around Los Angeles, signed or unsigned, major or independent, megastar or megastarving.

The LAWMA pays tribute not just to outstanding individual musical achievements, but to the amazing diversity and wealth of the Los Angeles music scene as a whole — and we’re talking a true embarrassment of riches. Everyone’s a winner for being nominated, of course, and if we didn’t get to you this time, we will.

BEST NEW ARTIST Beachwood Sparks Macy Gray Mia Doi Todd Nebula Styles of Beyond   BEST ROCK BAND The BellRays Buckcherry Mother Superior L7 Bluebird   BEST HARD ROCK/METAL BAND Coal Chamber Motley Crue Rage Against the Machine Rollins Band System of a Down   BEST POP/ROCK BAND Beachwood Sparks Buck Eels The Negro Problem Wondermints   BEST PUNK/HARDCORE BAND Betty Blowtorch Excessories Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones The Zeros   BEST RAP/HIP-HOP ARTIST Dr. Dre Jurassic 5 Kool Keith Medusa Ugly Duckling   BEST JAZZ ARTIST James Carney Alex Cline Brad Mehldau Wadada Leo Smith Dwight Trible   BEST COUNTRY ARTIST Dave Alvin Chris Gaffney Brantley Kearns Kathy Robertson Rick Shea   BEST CONTEMPORARY BLUES/ R&B ARTIST Cafe R&B Macy Gray Ben Harper Etta James Dewey Terry   BEST SALSA/LATIN ARTIST Caravana Cubana Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca Bobby Rodriguez Poncho Sanchez Son Mayor   BEST INSTRUMENTAL BAND Banyan Breakestra Destroy All Nels Cline Double Naught Spy Car Michael Whitmore Sometet BEST NEW-GENRE/ UNCATEGORIZABLE ARTIST Crib Kraig Grady Brad Laner/Electric Company Solid Eye Azalia Snail   JAZZ EMINENCE AWARD Bobby Bradford Charlie Haden Billy Higgins Don Preston Wadada Leo Smith   POP/ROCK LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS will be presented to Hadda Brooks, Dick Dale, Arthur Lee and Big Jay McNeely   BEST WORLD MUSIC/ RECOMBINANT ARTIST Ricardo Lemvo Ozomatli Prince Eyango Quetzal Adam Rudolph   BEST DJ (Mixmeister) Babu Cut Chemist DJ Jun Numark DJ Higher   BEST DJ (Selector) Jason Bentley Joseph Brooks DJ Daz Al Jackson Mike Messex   BEST RADIO SHOW Alma del Barrio (KXLU) Garth Trinidad’s Chocolate City (KCRW) Molotov Cocktail Hour (KXLU) Bill Gardner’s Rhapsody in Black (KPFK) Mark Torres’ Travel Tips for Aztlan (KPFK)   BEST ROCK/POP SONGWRITER/COMPOSER Beck Jon Brion Eleni Mandell Aimee Mann Mike Ness   BEST DANCE MUSIC ARTIST OO Soul Fishbone Christopher Lawrence Doc Martin George Sarah   OUTSTANDING CLASSICAL ENSEMBLE/ARTIST Eastside Sinfonietta Miguel Harth-Bedoya L.A. Chamber Orchestra/Jeffrey Kahane L.A. Philharmonic’s New Music Ensemble Xtet

The L.A. Weekly Music Awards 2000 will be held at the Henry Fonda Theater on Thursday, June 29, at 8 p.m. For tix and info, call (323)-993-3648.

And the nominees are:

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