LA Record Releases Valentine Box [MP3]

Pinata of love
Pinata of love
Dan Dreiling

Valentines Day has come and gone, but don't cry into your teddy bear. Our friends at L.A. Record have whipped up their Valentines MixtapeBOX SET! Here's the scoop from LAR:

L.A. RECORD's Valentine's mixtape is so bursting with love we had to make it a box set. Each volume is like another relationship, and each new love comes in different parts as R&B, pop, folk, rock, and experimental. Some of it's funny and cheesy, but it's all an emotional rollercoaster--a celebration of heartbreak, sex, and the love of your dreams.

Just like that case of the herp you caught from a hooker at the Wigwam Motel, a mixtape lasts forever.

Happy VD Day.

Full Track listing after the jump:

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Linked to as many of the bands as I could. If some are missing, I couldn't find them (note to missing bands, please leave your link in the comments, and perhaps contemplate a name chage) and for more info feel free to look here.


Sounds Like A Movie - These Palms

They Marry - Mi & L'Au

Wetter - Julian Shah-Taylor

To The Moon - Fort King

Valentines Mix 1 - The Pity Party

Tonight (Back To My Place) - Learning Music

Innuendos - howardAmb

Light Lost - Seasons

Modern Lust - Veil Veil Vanish

If I Get You That Surgery - Random Patterns

The Cat Scratches - Forest Of Tongue

I Fell - Sandra Sarra

Cheer Up Blue - Generous Alzir


Rememberer - Mikki and the Mauses

Popsiclecell - Tigerbitch

Your Book Of Everything - RF & Lili De La Mora

This Is A Breakup Song - Jennifer The Leopard

Happy V Day - 60 Watt Kid

Horseshoes - Broken Hearts Bamboozle Band

Zaika - Castledoor

Demo #1 - Cryptacize

Get It On Up - Amanda Jo Williams

Out From Under - VOICEsVOICEs

Mirror - Kordan

Cheesy Romantic Comedy - Former Ghosts

She Takes Pills - Crime


Hello Again - Stacy Clark

Spencer - Holy Rollerz

Barriers - Felt Drawings

Airlessness - Black Love

My Name Is Lion - The Morning Pages

Lovesick Remix 2 - Thavius Beck

From Me to the World - Extra

Valentine - Kevin Litrow

Candy O - The Present Moment

The Thousand Ship Armada - Jeff Albers

Perfectlove - Vaginals

Drag - The Terrapin

Candlestick Holder Or Oil Lamp - Claire Cronin

Secret Things - Seven Saturdays

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