Kreayshawn's Impromptu Birthday Party - Freak City - September 25, 2011

The birthday girl

David BallThe birthday girl

Kreayshawn's Birthday Party

Freak City

September 25, 2011

Around 9:30 last night, just as I was settling in for the evening, I got a message from Freak City's Rick Ross. "Krea just decided to have her birthday party at Freak City tonight. Wanna come by?" Well, duh.

The venue has been indeed hosting the finest freaks of the industry this summer, from Peaches to Lil B to, this Thursday, Spaceghostpurrp. It made sense that Kreay and her band of bad bitches chose this spot. The idea came together so quickly, however, that there was no guest list. At least at the beginning of the night, the crowd was small enough that attendees were able to personally give their best wishes to the birthday girl.

Andy Milonakis

Rebecca HaithcoatAndy Milonakis

We arrived around midnight to "Gucci Gucci" freestyle karaoke, with none other than Andy Milonakis on the mic. Kreayshawn, in a sunny dress and royal blue wig, danced behind the makeshift DJ booth, along with the compelling V-Nasty, in her white tee and Jerm Jilla lean necklace. (We never saw Lil Debbie; she apparently was down the street making an appearance at Ecco.)

Lil B was played, and a cooking dance-off ensued. Folks more-or-less sang Stevie Wonder's version of "Happy Birthday" and a cake materialized. Some old Dem Franchize Boyz came on -- though we hope that's not another hint that the White Girl Mob is relocating there. By the end of the night, the room had filled. And, wouldn't you know it, actual freaking ensued.

Gettin' freaky in Freak City

Rebecca HaithcoatGettin' freaky in Freak City

More photos below.

Andy Milonakis in the booth

Rebecca HaithcoatAndy Milonakis in the booth

Ayomari and TiRon

Rebecca HaithcoatAyomari and TiRon

Kreayshawn's Impromptu Birthday Party - Freak City - September 25, 2011

David Ball

Cook off!

Rebecca HaithcoatCook off!

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